Our history

The spirit and the outline


Léopold GOURMEL was a craftsman winemaker and saddler from Ile de Ré in the 19th century. When his grandson, Pierre VOISIN, created his first cognacs in 1972, he immediately thought of his grandfather and named it after him.
Aiming for the best possible quality in the Gourmel cognacs, it is today Nicolas SINOQUET who continues the tradition of excellence established by his predecessor, Olivier Blanc.
Our cognacs are distilled and matured in keeping with their origins; we must let time do its job.
Inspired by the universe of great Bordeaux wines, these cognacs come from the best "terroirs" providing strength and aromatic intensity.
Whether you choose the initiatory range "Sommelier" or the "Classique" range, the Léopold Gourmel cognacs will live up to the most singular expectations with its elegance and natural assertion.

Authentic elaboration

A tamed yet savage Cognac

An exceptional "terroir"

The Léopold Gourmel cognacs are elaborated using wines from the Fins Bois premiers crus area in Cognac, region of the oldest subsoil where roots can go as far as 20-30 meters down to draw the best resources from the underground. The hilliest land is also to be found here, which provides eastern exposure and therefor better ripeness. This makes the wine stronger, richer, more aromatic and mineral.

Unique Know-how

Distillation is exclusively carried out on balanced wines, matured on the lees, which gives the utmost intensity to the bouquet as well as complexity and strength. Léopold Gourmel then chooses a so-called "fatty" distillation that concentrates the wine's aromas, thus giving energy and ardour to the spirit. Then, lots are being made. Each of them are unique and will preserve their original aromas until the blend that takes place after ageing. Ageing is carried out in oak barrels made from fine-grained hundred-year-old trees ensuring delicate woody notes guaranteeing great finesse and extreme complexity. In order to ease the tasting, pure water should be added to the spirit to take it down from 70° to 40°. Léopold Gourmel has noticed that in the process of adding water to cognac, the weak on the strong, a certain "saponification" brings out soapy aromas. However, the opposite procedure releases more and more aromas. But the company is not looking to domesticate the products, but to control them. It digs deeper. Therefor, a strong lot and a weak lot are extracted separately from the still. Over time, the stronger integrates with the weaker and slowly brings the spirit to 40°, 41°, 42°, 43° or 46°.

Our philosophy :
an authentic product and sustainable viticulture

Léopold Gourmel chooses to produce a pristine and upright cognac. This is why no colouring components are added. We are defenders of a spontaneous cognac and won't use cold filtration methods but a much gentler method to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the product. The company also prioritises growing methods in harmony with environment. This way, the grapes contain no chemical pesticides, and from pruning to harvest, quality is favoured over quantity.

Our products

Exclusive range for big fans

  • Premières saveurs˜
  • âge du fruit˜
  • âge des fleurs˜
  • âge des épices˜
  • Quintessence˜
  • Carafe L˜
  • Promenade en Cognac˜
  • VS˜
  • VSOP˜
  • XO˜

Premières saveurs

6 carats

The energy, suppleness and freshness of a cognac with hints of white fruit aromas (pear, peach)

~ Mouth : neat, intense with a beautiful finish, refreshing. ~

~ Pairings : perfect with an expresso ~

âge du fruit

10 carats

The flavourful roundness of candied fruit is stressed by a hint of citrus fruit.

~ Mouth : unctuous, structured, fantastic finish, candied fruit, citrus fruit, apricot, orange zest, lemon. ~

~ Pairings : white meat, high-end fish ~

âge des fleurs

15 carats

A velvety softness unfolding with a range of vanilla aromas.

~ Mouth : at first, warm and rich, silky on the tongue, velvety in the throat, beautiful, long finish with hints of linden and honeysuckle. ~

~ Pairings : after a meal with game or red meat, or to prolong refined red wines. ~

âge des épices

20 carats

Ample and peppery strength, rich with enveloping depth.

~ Mouth : rich, powerful, spicy on the tongue, finish with notes of cloves, ginger, gingerbread. ~

~ Pairings : after a menu of several dishes served with rich and sun-filled wines. ~


30 carats

Delicate floral, warm and enchanting expression.

~ Mouth : an impressionist harmony with the combination of fruit, flowers and spices. Notes of red berries, camomile, lemongrass. A most remarkable aromatic persistency that never seems to end. ~

~ Pairings : ideal to celebrate a great moment. ~

Carafe L de Gourmel

Léopold Gourmel is proud to introduce its Premier Cru Grande Champagne. A carafe with a unique design created by one of the finest artisan glassblowers in France. It is displayed in an oak frame, in reference to our barrels.
Enthusiasts will notice the characteristic harmony that is the distinctiveness of our company with, as always, the ambition to share rare and memorable moments.

~ Tasting : a soft, silky texture fills your mouth fused with hints of flowers, fresh walnuts, Morello cherries; diffuse warmth and a pleasant persistency with notes of white flowers. ~

Promenade en Cognac

Léopold Gourmel invites you to explore the natural aromas of a cognac, resulting from years of maturing.

~ Through three cognacs of different ages, you may discover the aromatic evolution. Age of the fruit / Age of the flower / Age of the spices ~



~ Colour : Straw yellow with golden highlights

~ Nose : Vanilla, slightly toasted, white fruits

~ Mouth : Supple, yet crisp, texture, roundness, soft and woody finish



~ Colour : amber with golden hints

~ Nose : fresh candied fruit, peach, apple with floral notes of iris and lime tree blossom.

~ Mouth : Superb texture, supple, delicate woody notes, warm, wonderfully open finish, balance with persistent hints of fruit, a touch of nutmeg to overwhelm you with pleasure.



~ Colour : intense gold

~ Nose : warm, profound, powerful, woody with a harmony of fruit and a touch of spices and leather.

~ Mouth : silky, mouth-filling, warm and fine notes of wood in the back of the mouth, spicy flavours, pepper, leather, rich and long finish.